This is the official website of St Clether Holy Well Chapel.

The chapel is a privately owned and maintained non-denominational Grade 2 listed building

It is situated about 1/3 mile (walk) from St. Clether parish church which is signposted from the A395

NGR SX202846

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The roof has now been completely restored - pictures on Restoration page.

Thanks to all who have donated towards this fund - we could not have done it without you.

If you wish to make a further contribution in money or time towards the upkeep of the chapel - please go to the Well Wishers page.

Your help is, as always, greatly appreciated.

Thanks are extended to the following people who have kindly sponsored slate(s) for the roof fund.

    Anna Jenkins

    Sam Bouquet

    Ayten Sahin

    Sue Johnson

    Bob Woodroofe

    Mike Preston and Henry

    Edith Wormald

    Dawn Ayres

    Mrs. W.E.C. Daniels

    R.S. Brooks

    Diana and Rob

    David and Mel Robarts

    Mike Baker

    Alan Brook

    Sylvia Pinn

    In memory of Doris Wilcock (Alan and Rene)

    Stuart and Cheryl Barrett

    Derek Gane

    Sue Moore

    Dr. and Mrs. Pugh-Thomas

    In memory of Marguerite Preston

    In memory of Mary Bardsley

    In memory of Bessie Cory (Alan and Rene)

    John Pogson

    Ingrid Haywood

    Michael Williams

    Eileen and Terry Harber

    Rosemary Pritchard

    Robin Barker

    Janice Frith

    Heather Kirkaldy-Willis

    Mr and Mrs Jolliff

    Siegfried Rudel

    Joan Rudel

    Cyril Phillips

    Friends of Brown Willy

    Egloshayle WI and friends

    Robin Paris


    Ian Jamison

    Lyn and Tony Craig (in memory of our parents)

    Barry and Caroline Morton

    Fred and Maureen Sanders

    Bert and Vera Bray

    Mrs. P. Westcott

    Mr. E. Robbins

    In memory of John Coombes - a true friend (The Glastonbury Four)

    In memory of Mr. T. W. Morton (Mrs.Daisy Morton)

    Jan, S. Petherwin

    Ann Preston-Jones (in memory of my mother)

    Jess Inman

    Laura Inman

    Tricia Millington


    Robin Craig (for the kids of 1982)

    Christine Fielder (in memory of James Warren)

    Sue Cawood (in memory of Irene and Sam Cawood)


    Pete and Jen Bousfield

    Levannah Morgan (to the glory of the great mother and unconquered sun)

    Andy Philips and Cowethas Peran Sans

    Philip Pearce

    Jake Walton

    Cyril Phillips

    Lyn Craig (in memory of my cousin Chris Gray 1946-2004)

    Barbara Mills

    Meg Curtis-Whittaker (in memory of Kamalesh Samadder)

    Devon and Cornwall Pagan Federation

    Elayne Bines

    Andrea Hutchinson

    Matt Eales

    Miya Bond

    Martin Bond

    Annie and Bob Silver

    Elfie and Graham Courtenay

    Eric Fairman

    Caroline Morton (in memory of Mrs. Pat Watson)

    Caroline Morton (in memory of Mr. Derek Watson)

    Caroline Morton (in memory of Mr. Chris Watson)

    Caroline Morton (in memory of Ms. Kas Shippam)

    Barry Morton (in memory of Mrs. Rose Randall)

    Barry Morton (in memory of Mr. George Randall)

    Barry Morton (in memory of Mrs. Flo Hall)

    Barry Morton (in memory of Mr. John Hall)

    Vanda Inman (in celebration of the birth of Harry John Hedley 15/02/2007)

    Joanna Loveday Grierson (nee Roseveare) (in memory of my parents: Donald Roseveare 1917-2005, Joan Roseveare (nee Hicks) 1918-1999 of Newquay)

    John and Irene Ashton

    Robin and Claire Roper

    Maia (in honour of Marjorie Makosch)

    Barry and Caroline Morton (in memory of Corinna Bamberough)

    Bob Bamberough (in memory of my wife Corinna Bamberough)

    Anne Darby

    Meg Curtis-Whittaker (in memory of Violet Davis)

    Lawrence and Linda Barker

    Paul Roberts

    Westcountry Association of Counsellors (W.A.C.)

    David and Anne Menadue

    Mark and Wendy Drayson for our son Trehane Drayson - a celebration of good health

    Vanda and Jess in celebration of the birth of Sawyer (05/06/2007)

    Roger and Margaret Nightingale

    Marie Turnbull

    Richard Turnbull

    John Ruddle

    Neil Whalley

    Sue Batchelor

    Jake, Eric and Silver  (Benefit concert)

    Val Pope

    Anne Hughes

    Steve Higgins (in memory of Tom Higgins)

    Helen Heminsley

    Bill and Sandra Burtonwood

    Violet Brook

    Cath Addy (in memory of Marion Addy)

    Margaret Burt (in memory of Barry)

    Vivienne and Roger Johnson

    Stephanie Meyerink/Tippell (in memory of Nico)

    Margaret Burt (in memory of Gran Purnell d.16/02/2008)

    Margaret Burt (in memory of Gran Rice)

    Liz Napier

    Peggy Longley

    Derek Gane (in memory of Dot and Gor Pidgeon)

    Shirley Ough

    Lyn Craig (for a friend Glow Aldir d. 16/02/2008)

    V. Brook (for Alan on his 60th birthday 10/03/2008)

    V. Brook (for Detlef on his 60th birthday 21/03/2008)

    Alan and Rene (to mark the marriage of Julia Murray and Tim Briggs (11/04/2008)

    Anna and David

    Linda Emmett

    Kirsten Appleby

    Hazel Lacohee

    Martin and Kate  (Nuptual Mass 01/05/2008)

    Joan Michell

    Kirsten Appleby (in love of a special granddaughter, Amber)

    John and Suzanne Littlewood

    Ann and Bernard Kennedy

    Eve Ross

    Gill and Dave Welsh

    Jay Carpenter

    Ann and Bjorn Brunswick (for our unborn child)

    Kirsten Appleby (in love of Angus, our dog, constant friend and companion, with you always in spirit - Kirsten and Gavin 04/09/2008)

    Kirsten Appleby (for Gavin, in memory of all the love we shared 04/09/2008)

    Nicci Zuber (in memory of my mum, Kay Lumston who sadly died 2006)

    Mrs. Joan Adams

    Niki Bottono (for my girl Casey and my father Peter - for their love defines me)

    Colin Waugh

    R. and A. Tany

    Brian Hooper

    Vanda Inman (in memory of Cyril Phillips)

    Barry and Caroline Morton (in memory of Daisy Violet Morton)

    Kirsten Appleby (in love of my girls, Faye, April, Amber, Elle and Jessica)

    Maggie Perryman (in memory of Celia Cowie 1946-2008 who remembered and loved this place)

    Alan Brook (in memory of George Rustscheff, Toronto, International and Olympic tennis umpire and a lovely man)

    Alan and Rene Brook (in memory of Dave Smyth - the smile lives on)

    Rene Brook (in memory of Marcel and Virgine Dumoitier)

    Rene Brook (in memory of Rene and Shirley Dumoitier and their son Marcus)

    Audrey Woodstock

    Caitlin and Harry Bygrave

    Lee and Grahame Bygrave

    Ian and Sian Jamison in celebration of our Handfasting - Summer Solstice 2009

    Staff of Kingsbridge Community College

    Harvey Brown

    Brien, New Zealand

    Cheryl and Stuart Barrett (in memory of my beloved dad, Len Sellen)

    Jimmy, Sheila, Gemma and Pippa Kempthorne



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